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Smoker No
Drinker Occasional
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I like
For Fun dinner | comedy | dancing | at the flicks
Restaurant Types Cosy | Romantic | Alfresco | Great views | Riverside | Off beat/quirky | Michelin starred | Gastro pubs
Bar Types Local pubs | Chic bars | DJ bars | Bars by the river | Places I can dance
Music Vocal house | Hed Kandi style | Live bands | Indie | Jazz/blues | Cheese | Soundtracks | Pop
Big Night Spend
Star Reviews

Review from: ryan198

wow absoloutely stunning xxx

Review from: gregvenez

this girl is amazing! i wish i could have her in my life she is like completely awesome! i once saw her leap over a car and do a roley poley then a triple flip in the air..jus before she went in the pub to down a pint of full cream milk. WOW.

Review from: charlie123492

Good luck lads!

Review from: thesam83

Sexy girl! Slightly crazy - but who isnt?! :p Big fan of tiny speaker bands, crazy dancing ladies and wooden legs......haha Top girl ;-) x