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A Nice Slice of Americana

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

It is acceptable to keep things cool and casual on date. Relieve the pressure of a first date by choosing a restaurant that is unassuming, has great food and is bang on the money in terms of the cool factor. Where is this magical place?  Well, we’ve located it and it involves heading East.

Pizza Express, Zizzi’s, Strada or any of the other formulaic chains might be acceptable for catch up with friends or a post work dinner, they are NOT acceptable in the realms of dating. Why? The simple reason that they’re an easy choice, offer nothing interesting and fail in providing a new experience. Take a date there and you’re the equivalent of all those things. Though there is something about sharing a pizza with a date that immediately breaks down barriers by introducing that needed touch of familiarity.

Pizza East, Shoreditch, is a modern pizzeria that has taken up residence on the ground floor of the Tea Building. After opening in 2009 to much acclaim – “the most influential restaurant opening of the year” – this restaurant is one of the many children fathered by Nick Jones who counts Soho House and Shoreditch House as part of his uber trendy family. Take a date there and you’ve already gained points for just knowing about it.

Pizza East, ShoreditchPizza East, ShoreditchPizza East, Shoreditch

The interior echoes its East London location with exposed pipes, concrete walls, and all over industrial style. Leather to add luxe and steel cafeteria style tables make this both edgy and contemporary. The staff are also part of this great restaurant’s atmosphere. Some have been pinched from L.A and their devilish good looks and charming smiles very much cement this as “the place to be”.

But let’s move on to the food. Pizzas blasted in wood ovens made on house recipe 10 inch bases with a basic selection ranging to more gourmet styles like the San Daniele, tomato, ricotta, pesto and ruby chard. The pizzas here are truly amazing. Even if you don’t want to go for the pizza option, there is a great antipasti menu from which you should probably choose the lamb meatballs and calamari. Meat and fish dishes cooked in the wood oven are perfect for a more a la carte style of dining or for starters, pick from the counter a plate of Mortadella and Prosciutto.

You won’t disappoint by choosing Pizza East as a date location. The venue, food and cool atmosphere will mean that you will tick all the right boxes here and maybe even surpass your date’s expectations. Trust us on this one.

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