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We’re All Going On A Blonde Holiday!

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

The nights are getting darker and temperatures have dropped to the point where I no longer feel like  I’m running around London, rather I’m braving the icy winds of the Arctic and monsoon-like sleet. Standing in long commuter queues as the rush hour crowd battle each other down Oxford Circus and I can’t help but dream of warmer times spent in the sun.


Perfect holiday? Just add blondes

If you are also in the same frame of mind gentlemen, there is a holiday that might tempt you away, lead you astray and who knows, you might never even come back. The stuff that only dreams are made of – why not take a vacation to the Island of Blondes? An Eastern European travel company started by those goodlooking girls at Olialia, The Island of Blondes is a luxury getaway destination that will be built in the Maldives and the entire workforce will be comprised solely of young blonde beauties.

Everyone on the holiday resort, set to open in 2015 HAS to be blonde. Brilliant stuff. Even the plane that you take to the island will be piloted by blondes. The MD Giedre Pukiene told The Stylist that the aim is recruit smart, educated young (and of course attractive) women to populate and run the island, explaining that “the girls are very smart and they have degrees”. Well, there you have it. If you’re desperate for escapism and you can hang on until 2015, get to the Maldives, hang out with the natives and let us know if blondes really do have more fun…