Has Anyone Noticed There’s A Wedding?

No? Me neither. Seriously though, you cannot escape the wedding fever that has gripped London and the rest of the world it seems. Wherever I turn, there are Will & Kate souvenirs and other rubbish tourist paraphernalia (my favourite includes a t-shirt with the words “it should have been me”) not to mention a million union jack flags hanging over my head in Central London.

Royal Wedding madnessMore than this, every TV show is geared towards weddings, royalty etc.. Gossip Girl centred around a Taschen book for “Modern Royalty” whilst Blair moaned about not being Kate Middleton, Frasier this morning thought he was descended from Romanovs and Countrywise had a special episode dedicated to Anglesea – the home of the soon-to-weds. Going one step further, the T mobile ad featuring royal lookalikes dancing down the aisle to East 17’s House of Love and the nauseating BT wedding (that you all voted for).

It’s certainly worth celebrating having an extra day off work, what will you be doing? Sorry to disappoint anyone who has planned a street party (bunting, the works) but it looks like rain. I was originally planning to sit in Hyde Park and tank Prosecco all afternoon but now I think our best option is to hit the pubs. Think to your favourite watering hole and we’ll have a vote on the best pubs in London to watch the wedding!

Just to get you in the mood (and also because I couldn’t resist)

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