Time To Make Plans

With less than a week to go, if you haven’t started making plans for Valentines’ Day, what on earth are you hanging around for?? Believe me if you want the day (and night) to go smoothly, you need to have a game plan. Having polled some of the best things to do this year, here’s a few suggestions to start thinking about. Lucky you.

Altitude 360
Altitude 360

The sky’s the limit, quite literally, at Altitude 360. Offering up some of London’s most stunning views, this dizzingly high restaurant is going to cater to your romantic evening and relieve you of some of the pressure! The extra trimmings of canapes & champagne show this isn’t just any night of the year whilst the pianist will tinkle the most loved up tunes to get you both in the mood. A four course dinner featuring oysters (of course), rack of lamb and an “orgy” of chocolate means you won’t be disappointed food wise and once that’s all done and dusted, head to the Sky Bar for after dinner cocktails.

Asia de Cuba
Asia de Cuba @ St Martins Lane

A treat for any date, Asia de Cuba is much loved by London’s glitterati. The famed art columns are the centre pieces (and talking points) of this great restaurant. Why is it perfect for V Day? The unique sharing menu of Asian and Cuban food is ideal for getting you both talking about the food and enjoying it together. Asia de Cuba also boasts one of the city’s most renowned rum bars, serving up rum cocktails and other notorious house specialties.

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  1. Marc says:

    More good suggestions, keep ‘em coming…