A Dorothy By Any Other Name Would Get More Action

What’s in a name? What effect does this have on your personality, your intelligence, how you look? Social scientists have studied which names parents decide to name their children in efforts to make connections between your name and how you turn out.  Apparently your name now has an effect on how successful your sex life is…

Is your name here?


Rogue economists Stephen Levitt and Stephen Dubner draw distinctions between a person’s socio economic background and their name in the hilarious Freakonomics (which I definitely recommend reading!). Yet they claim that it isn’t that your name makes you a certain way but rather that the name your parents choose for you indicates certain things about where you come from. Your name is a product of your own environment. That said, how much does your background affect how sexually active you are?

I’ll leave you to think about this one as I still am trying to work it out (I made the Top 10 of more sexually active names!) If poor Dorothy or Edward ever wondered why their sex lives are miserable, now they know. Better to be a Vanessa or a Chris, don’t you think?

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Responses to “A Dorothy By Any Other Name Would Get More Action”

  1. Tim says:

    Do people really believe this sort of thing?
    I’m pretty happy with my name and my “quota”.

  2. LadyLuck says:

    Oh dear – I think I’ll be changing my name…

  3. Fi says:

    I don’t believe a word of it!